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Posted: 12/24,2017 | December 24, 2017 Today is a big day over here!

Oh yes, WE DID EAT 6 BUFFETS IN LESS THAN 32 HOURS. You must be thinking that we are gluttons. I can’t help but think so myself! It was definitely the highlight of our Las Vegas trip. Although, I must add, probably one of the most tiring two days of our trip. We had to hop from one hotel restaurant to another, planning our time well in order to savour all the different types of cuisines in the different restaurants.
I remember very clearly how tired we were after our 1st full buffet day. We arrived back at the hotel in the evening and slept all the way through till the next morning. It was difficult pulling ourselves out of those comfy sheets but we had more buffets to try and eat. We had no time to waste.
I’m sure many of you are of the idea that dining in Las Vegas would be expensive. In fact, I have heard over and over again “Las Vegas has become more expensive over the years”. It is probably true due to it’s increasing demand from tourists and also due to it’s development.
Today, a main course serving in an average restaurant in Las Vegas costs between USD 20-25. In fact, the prices at a restaurant in a casino will set you back USD 50 per person per meal. It’s crazy! Whereas, having buffet meals can cost an average of USD 10-15 with an abundance of variety and quality. Hence, when we came across the buffet of buffets promotion we were extremely interested and just wanted to find out more!

Buffets of Buffets by Total Rewards

Buffet of Buffets gives you the opportunity to dine in five luxurious hotels in Las Vegas at a very affordable price. Buffet of Buffets works together with Total Rewards. Total Rewards is free to apply for anyone above 21 years old. With it, you can enjoy 5 different buffets for only USD 49.90 without taxes. We went for one more extra Buffet so that we can review it. Do note that Total Rewards only gives you access to 5 buffets in 24 hours!
You can also choose to upgrade your pass to enjoy the widest spread of food in Bachannal Buffet at Caesars Palace or a Seafood Range in Carnival World & Seafood Buffet in Rio. I would definitely recommend you try this. We loved both Restaurants especially in Rio!!
Since we upgraded our pass to try out the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar Palace, we paid an average of $18 per buffet per person. If you don’t upgrade it, it would only be $9.98 and $11.98 without taxes for members and non-members respectively.
I would say Buffet of Buffets is one of the best deals that we had in Las Vegas. The other was a free upgrade to a suite(Click here to find out more)

Under 21 Buffet Option

I know it would be quite sad if you are slightly under 21. It’s torturous especially when you are in Las Vegas. You can’t play the machines. You will not be allowed to watch others play or even stop anywhere in the vicinity of the casinos.

Fret not, if you are under 21, you just have to pay USD 59.90 and you will be able to enjoy the buffets just as much!

Which buffets should you go for?

Though Buffet of Buffets only provided us with 5 buffets, we decided to try all 6 buffets; Carnival World & Seafood at Rio, Flavors at Harrah’s, Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace, Paradise Garden at Flamingo, Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood and Le Village Buffet at Paris Las Vegas.

Do note that the pass has to be upgraded to dine at Bacchanal Buffet (the 6th buffet). Upgrades cost about $25 per pax! For additional range of seafood in Carnival World & Seafood at Rio, you can upgrade it for $20! We didn’t upgrade our pass for the seafood at Carnival World & Seafood as I am not a huge fan of seafood and my Sister is a Vegetarian!

So anyway, the reviews for each buffet are as follows (Buffets are in accordance to what we prefer and enjoyed most!):

1.  Carnival World & Seafood

Buffet at Carnival World Hotel!

Whether or not you decide to go for the buffet pass, this particular buffet is a must go. We absolutely loved it. This was our favourite buffet out of all 6. The wide range with good quality food has won over our hearts. This buffet has the best asian food. My sister loved the curry so much! The noodles had a Vietnamese touch, Thai papaya salad and many many more. Don’t worry if you are a fan of American food, Mexican or even Italian food! They do have a huge range too. It was great too!

Carnival World & Seafood also had a great food presentation which make us want to eat more. Literally everything looked so good. In addition, only in Carnival World & Seafood will you be able to find a chocolate fondue among all other desserts. We loved it so much that we just kept eating it with all the Marshmallows and Fruits!

Delicious Cakes at Carnival Seafood Hotel!
Delicious Cakes at Carnival Seafood Hotel!
Seafood at Carnival Seafood Hotel!

Whereas for service, the staff in Carnival World & Seafood were all very friendly and efficient in their work. They were always very quick to clear our plates; sometimes too fast. haha

Overall, we felt that Carnival World & Seafood was just perfect for us. It will definitely be one of the buffets that we will head to first the next time we visit Las Vegas.

2. Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace

Bachannal Hotel Buffet

Food variety was probably the best out of all 6 buffets that we have tried. The variety stretched all the way from the entrance till the end, which was huge!! There was not enough space, till the point that the dessert section was in the middle, surrounded by all the tables and customers. They offer you the widest range of American, Seafood, Mexican, Italian, Asian food. The stretch of food will make you go wow as you walk further and further in. It’s so much you want to try everything.

Sadly, there is a time limit of 2h for Bacchanal Buffet. Even if there’s enough time for you to try every single thing, your stomach would probably not be able to take in so much food. The variety is really really huge.

Though the variety of food is really good, the quality of asian food fared slightly below standard. For a Chinese Singaporean like me, the asian food especially the noodle section was barely reaching the passing mark. It didn’t even taste the same. I tried Singaporean Laksa but the soup was too bland, not spicy at all. It totally spoilt the reputation of Laksa and I live for Laksa. (haha, I’m serious.) Sushi rice was damp and sticky, it was not fresh.

On the flip side, desserts in Bacchanal was mouth watering! I loved how cute the cakes were. It was small and just right. They had containers of Gummy Bears and small Hershey Chocolates as well. I enjoyed them so much!

However, the atmosphere, the cleanliness of this restaurant was the best. There were so many people making the whole place very lively.

Service was okay. They told us that they would give us small change to give the tip after our meal but they charged it to the card even before we went into the restaurant. The server was only willing to help out at the start, during the middle till the end, we had to ask for her to refill our drinks continuously.

3. Paradise Garden at Flamingo

We had this buffet for breakfast but for a breakfast buffet, it was decent; mostly american style. The usual egg section, pancake, meat, muffins and many more. Even though it was breakfast, they had a huge range of food available for their customers. The first section of food were Hams, eggs, Salads, Vegetables and the usual.

The second section of the Buffet spread had lots of Sweet-savory desserts. It all looked so good. I had an enjoyable time eating their Muffins and Chocolate Croissant!! I can literally taste the sweet and yummy desserts in my mouth now. Fret not, they have a huge range of desserts available for you! Loved it so much!

This buffet is one of the more popular ones. There were always queues outside the restaurant, especially when approaching lunchtime. Do queue early if you are intending to head here for a Lunch Buffet. If I remember they close at 2pm!

Do note their opening hours! (Google did not state the correct opening hours for Flamingo) We thought they had dinner on a weekend and wanted to dine at Flamingo but sadly they didn’t.

4. Flavors at Harrah’s

harrah’s Hotel Buffet

Flavors’ variety wasn’t as great as Carnival World & Seafood or Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s palace, but they did have a good range of American, Mexican and Italian food! The Asian food range was rather limited, however, their American food and seafood made up for it.

There was one thing that separated their Asian food here in Harrah’s! They had a bowl of Fortune Cookies! I love Fortune cookies very much. It is always a mystery what advice we will receive next. haha!

Anyways, they have the best curly fries and even the normal fries were fried to perfection! OH, and the shrimp… I gobbled down 3-4 plates of them. Yes, it was that delicious. Dessert variety was good enough but something worth trying is their chocolate fruit tart. It was so good! We didn’t get to try all the desserts because it was about closing time so they were already starting to keep all the desserts.

Though the food itself was great, we felt that their cups and plates were slightly dirty and their asian food can be improved. (though, our standards might be higher as expected), The fried rice was a little plain. Don’t expect much service from them, everything is self service.

The only service is to bring you to the seat and to clear the plates after you leave. However, we felt that they cleared the table way too slowly, there were a lot of uncleared tables around which resulted in a long queue on the day that we were there.

5 & 6. Le Village (Paris Casino Hotel), Spice Market (Planet Hollywood Hotel)

Food variety for both is about the same, quite limited. Experience for both was fair.

  • Le Village, Paris Casino Hotel:

Entrance of Paris Hotel Buffet
Paris Hotel Buffet Interior

The interior decoration for Le Village really made us feel like we are in Paris.

We felt that the presentation of food especially in Le Village, was very bad. It was almost as if they dumped the cooked food down.

The presentation just made it unappetising to eat. We just couldn’t find anything to eat. As such, we didn’t eat much.

However, one commendable thing is that the service received in Le Village was the best out of all the buffets we have had.

My sister couldn’t decide if she would like a cup of tea or hot water. She eventually asked for hot water but was given a pot of hot water with tea bags, milk and sugar. The server was also very patient and polite. She didn’t spoil our entire experience after all.

  • Spice Market in Planet Hollywood Hotel:

Planet Hollywood hotel Buffet

This is the only place that sells Kebab. It was good. Dessert is always great, their macaroons was probably the best out of all 6.

Food variety, as mentioned before, wasn’t much, cleanliness has to be improved. The food fared fairly.

All in all, if you do have at least 1 day to spend in Las Vegas, I would recommend the buffets of buffets. Do note that you can go to recurring hotel buffets. The buffet’s review are according to our own preference and thoughts about individual buffets. It wasn’t meant to tarnish the reputation of each buffets, you can always try them and review it yourself. Besides, i’m sure we will have different opinions of each restaurant!

To your Happiness and Success!

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To your Happiness and Success!

Did This Help You? If so, be sure to leave me a comment below and then SHARE this post with those you care about!

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